Benefits of joining the MOST Cooperation

The MOST Cooperation's membership is continuously growing due to its philosophy of openness to any company and any industry. The Cooperation invites and welcomes other companies to participate and contribute their efforts to the development and enhancement of the MOST Technology.

How to become a member:

This form should be filled in by the person that will be your main contact for MOSTCO. (The main contact is the person who receives all the documentation and information from the Cooperation and attends the annual All Members Meeting. He will also be responsible for the information flow within your company.)

As part of your online application you will download a copy of the MOST Organizational Procedures and MOST Cooperation Agreement, as well as two copies of the Side Letter and MOST License and Framework Agreement for your consideration. As your approval you will have to return two sets of signed original membership documents to the MOST Cooperation Administration office.

The signed MOST License and Framework Agreement and Side Letter executes the agreement between you and the Cooperation. All members sign the same MOST Cooperation Agreement outlining the purpose and articles of the Cooperation.

Request for membership