Scope of the MOST Cooperation

The MOST Cooperation is responsible for the development and promotion of the MOST Technology. It not only specifies the optical interface and connector recommendations, but also releases the MOSTPlatform Specification to the network and application interface. Streaming models and classes (i.e. sound processing objects with source data including in and output capability), as well as device classes (such as media or communication devices) are defined by the Cooperation.

The Cooperation publishes a function catalog on application level (i.e. media player, radio, navigation system, etc.) and provides for basic network management through definition of net services and sample implementation. It defines drivers for devices such as audio/video, data networking and communication, as well as a high-level packet transfer protocol.

MOST establishes an automatic compliance test platform to verify the specification in simulation and emulation. It also demonstrates the system with audio/video, network drivers and telecommunication access.

Some of the organizational responsibilities of the MOST Cooperation are arranging the documentation, meetings, meeting reports, web site, coordination of the project and working groups, brochures, presentation material, exhibitions and compliance test definition.

The Cooperation represents the common interests of the members. It coordinates their efforts, so that the MOST Technology becomes an approved standard for multimedia networking in vehicles with organizations such as ISO, SAE, ITS, AMI-C etc.