Partners of the MOST Cooperation

The MOST Cooperation's philosophy is openness to any company and a fast progression of definitions. In order for the Cooperation to meet the commitment of the definition work and still retain the productive teamwork, the members are divided into two categories. These categories are Partners and Associated Partners.


Implementers of the MOST Technology with a strong interest in standardization. Members with a representative in the Steering Committee. (Other members that make a major contribution to the implementation of the MOST Technology may also become Partners.)

Associate Partners

  • System integrators - e.g. carmakers - their interest is the integration of the entire system into the vehicle.
  • Suppliers - the set makers, system architects and key component suppliers - their interest is mostly in the components of system.

All members of the Cooperation contribute with their work. They agree to provide necessary patents and trademarks, and bear their share of the common administrative costs. Joint results are made available.

The Partners together with the carmakers are responsible for initiating the Working Groups (WG) to develop detailed specifications of the MOST Technology. Areas of common interest will be identified in the Technical Coordination Meetings (TCM) and defined as projects for the respective WGs.

The Technical Coordination Group (TCG) has the final say on the technical direction of the MOST Specifications. This ensures that further definition work on MOST is as efficient as possible.

The carmakers automatically have the right to join all TCMs and WGs. The suppliers may, on invitation, participate in the TCMs and WGs.

However, all members of the MOST Cooperation have the same rights to use the MOST Technology. All Partners and Associated Partners have access to the specifications, information database, user forms and compliance tests.